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Course enrollment begins August 7th, 2023 for the Fall semester!

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Diets Don't Work

Studies show diets fail to produce weight loss or health benefits longterm, and often cause damage to our overall health and wellbeing.

Intuitive Health Does

Learn a proven framework for health where you'll tune into your body's built-in cues for nourishment and rest. 

Be Free by Grace

All that we teach is built on Scripture so you can form lasting health rhythms that start with grace and follow the joy of the Lord.

"This course is a breath of fresh air."

—Julie, a 2021 Joyful Health Co™ student

The Joyful Health Co™ course will help you:

  1.  Lay a foundation for a lifetime of intuitive eating, joyful movement and body trust
  2. Eat in accordance with your body's needs and God's design
  3. Let go of food and exercise guilt
  4. Choose goals to support your life instead of shrink your body size
  5. Trust yourself around any food and enjoy eating
  6. Move for pleasure over punishment
  7. Rest from dieting and follow the deeper joys of life
  8. Pursue lasting health

"This course is unlike any other. It's saturated in grace."

—Reina, a 2021 Joyful Health Co™ student

Course Curriculum

What you'll get when you sign up:

  1. 12 weeks of video teaching equivalent to 6 months of individual nutrition and movement coaching.
  2. Physical Joyful Health journal* to guide you through the course principles and into prayer. *Unless you live outside of the US, in which case all journal content is downloadable in the course.
  3. Weekly email support by means of a weekly action plan, bonus tip, and devotional to reinforce what you're learning and keep you anchored in Christ.
  4. Monthly group coaching sessions to answer your questions and share your breakthroughs.
  5. Access to private course community where you can ask questions and receive support from your coaches and fellow participants.
  6. Access to the course app, so you can stay plugged in right from your phone
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Need the Self-Paced Option?

Go through the course at your own pace. Connect in the course community with current and past-participants.

You also have the option to find a partner on our partner-up post later.

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Do You Want a Buddy to Be in it With You?

Sign up for the course with a friend, send them this link and go through it together.

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Do You Need 1:1 Coaching?

For joyful movement counseling, sign up with co-founder Kasey Shuler.

For personalized dietitian support Joyful Health coach Megan Becker, MPH, RD offers a supplementary package for course participants.

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Dear diet-weary Christian woman, 

If you're tired of beating yourself up with restrictive diets and exercise, confused about the right way to be healthy, and ready to stop the endless weight loss cycle, this course is for you.  

Get ready to let yourself rest in the natural body cues God gave you, enjoy His good gifts of food and movement, and stop thinking about your body, so you can start living your life.


Aubrey, Kasey, and the Joyful Health Co™ team

"This course helped me unlearn a lot of unhealthy and self-destructive thinking I'd picked up from the world and the church. I learned to love my body for how God made it and actually enjoy food again. "

—Danni, a Joyful Health Co™ student

Ready to rest from the ever-changing wellness rules and restore the joy of food and movement?


Don't spend any more time or money on temporary diets. We created this 12-Week course so you can build a foundation of health that will last the rest of your life.


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Hear From Past Participants

We interviewed course participants one year later to answer your questions about the course, what to expect, and how to know whether this course is for you. We hope it helps you as you prayerfully consider this whether this course is for you.


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Course enrollment begins August 7th, 2023 for the Fall semester!

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